About Steve

Hello there.  My name is Steve and I want to tell you a bit about myself.  I am somewhat of a fossil myself, being on the north side of 60 years old.  I’ve been collecting fossils for most of my life.

I’ve collected fossils by pulling over to the side of the road and digging through the rubble on roads from Alabama and Pennsylvania to Oregon.  I’ve even found fossils in the gravel used around buildings in the middle of big cities.

I’ve purchased professionally prepared fossils from stores, and I’ve collected from pay-to-dig sites.  Wherever you obtain your fossils, cherish them, they’re a snapshot of the past, and are irreplaceable.

During all the years of collecting fossils, I’ve been able to work on some hardware that orbits other planets, including one that orbited Venus!  I’ve owned my own business, pursued educational goals and saw them come to fruition in different career paths.  So I’ve been a busy guy.

Through all that I’ve pursued more hobbies than most people have owned cars, including bicycling, motorcycling, woodworking, model railroad trains, backyard gardening, and the hobby of fossil collecting, to name a few.

This website is dedicated to my favorite of all hobbies, fossil collecting.  Through all of those accomplisments. I’ve certainly enjoyed my lfe,  And THAT my friends is what this journey is all about.

I want to help others with the one thing I’ve enjoyed my whole life!  To hold evidence of life so long ago is like touching the past!  So read and enjoy my website so that you too can touch the PAST!